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Jazoon 2008!!!

Jazoon was a blast! Here are some pictures:

My presentation is available for download on the Jazoon site here.

Can’t wait until next year! 😉

Going to Jazoon 2008!!!

It’s official. I’ll be giving a talk at Jazoon 2008: the European Conference on Java Technology!

My talk will be on customizing applications for a range of (MIDP) handsets. It builds on some of the ideas from the last chapter of my book, but there’ll be plenty of new stuff. (I spent the holiday weekend madly programming some demos and sample code in preparation, which I plan to post here soon.) For details on my talk, look here.

For those of you who are bored of MIDP and want to live on the not-even-released-yet bleeding edge, my colleague at Greenliff Peter Wlodarczak will be giving a talk on Android.