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Racecar (a.k.a. Car-voiture) is an amusing little game where you try to see how many laps your little racecar can make around the track — changing lanes and speed — before you inevitably crash into another car or into one of the boulders I’ve conveniently placed on the track.

This game was my first attempt to use the MIDP 2 games API, but since it didn’t illustrate the package in a strong or interesting way, I ended up just back-porting it to MIDP 1 so I could run it on my Nokia 6100:


This game was basically scratch work, so I didn’t end up using it in my book.

I’ve just uploaded the whole thing (source code, resources, etc.) to my site, and you can download it here: racecar.tar.gz or Just unzip it and place it so that the “Racecar” directory is in the “apps” directory of your WTK, and you can open it as a project. I can’t promise that it illustrates the best possible MIDP game programming techniques, but you might find some interesting strategies for programming a simple game . More likely it’ll serve as a fun exercise to see how many places you can find where the game could be improved. I’m not offering any prizes though… 😉