My game page is back on line!

My free sample game and code page is back on line here.  I had some problems with my earlier web host, so I found a new one.  This means that some of the links to sample jars and code on earlier blog entries may be broken, but all of the code should be available on the new game page (and, as before, you can open the game page in your mobile device’s browser and install the games and apps directly from there).  I’ve rebuilt many of these on the latest version of the WTK, and I’m working on testing them on some new devices.  If any of them aren’t working, feel free to leave a comment.  The “Frog-Parrot User Interface Library” — a set of simple utilities to create a customizable user-interface for a range of MIDP devices — is available as WidgetCanvas, with the source code here.

I’m sorry I haven’t kept up this blog very well lately.  (Wow, the last thing I posted about was Jazoon 2008, and the Jazoon folks are already gearing up for 2009!)  The thing is that I’ve switched gears enigineering-wise — I haven’t been working in Java ME for over a year, so I haven’t had much new stuff to add here.  I’ve mostly been working in software testing automation, but since I’ve been working mostly with proprietary software, I haven’t done much that I can post about.

But I’m planning some new projects this summer that I’ll be writing about! (Not necessarily all in Java ME…)

3 comments so far

  1. herb sendik on

    steve, as usual i cannot get on your game page i typed in the colonel with capital giants and thats what i used last year. get back to me herb sendik

  2. carolhamer on

    Um, I think you may have the wrong blog…

  3. Lanzz on

    Hi. Do you still have the backup (jar file) for all your j2me games? Look like the link is dead.

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