Sprite Fun: updated!

Since my previous post, the official development environment for Android changed from Eclipse (with a plugin) to Android Studio. The Sprite Fun game I made still works — if anything maybe it’s a little simpler.

The instructions are as follows:

  • Download and install Android Studio
  • Create a new project with type “Empty Activity” (the default)
  • In the src folder, replace the MainActivity.java with the MainActivity.java from this example, and add the two other classes from this example in the same package (changing the package name to match the package name you chose when creating the project).
  • Add the default green Android icon as an image that the app can use:
    • Select File > New > Image Asset
    • In the wizard, select “Asset Type” > “Image” and change the name to “greeny”
    • click “next” and then “finish”.

Then you’ll have a fun app that’s very simple to understand and extend — to help kids teach themselves real application programming in a real development environment!

Here are the java source code files for this example: SpriteFun2.zip

Have fun!


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