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A little fun…

There, I’m finally ready to begin!!!

After more than a month without posting (or even looking at this blog), I was worried I’d find it had been deleted or overrun by blogspam comments, but nope! Here it is waiting for me.

I’d like to work into this whole Java-blogging thing slowly, so for the moment I’d like to treat this almost as a notepad to jot down little notes on my projects rather than waiting until I have a beautiful, finished article worthy of a magazine. Because you can see where waiting for that perfect article has gotten me — just look at my posts here for the past month!

So I’ll just write whatever until I get into the habit. ;^)

Now, my Nokia 6100 that starred so prominently in my book died pretty quickly after serving that role. It developed a problem where it would sponteneously freeze up (not just during Java apps — really any time I had to enter stuff in the keypad there was a freeze-up risk), but since it would correct itself after about five minutes each time, I never bothered to replace it until just now.

Lately, I’ve bought myself a lovely new Sagem myX700!!! I seem to be having a little trouble receiving calls sometimes (perhaps because I’ve switched networks?) but the fun part is the new Java potential!!! My husband took the opportunity to get himself a Java handset at the same time (a Samsung, I think), so I have two new devices to play with.

Now I know I can just go straight to Google to find out all of the details on the specs of these two devices, but for fun I’d like to start by installing some test MIDlets on them to see what they can do.

Stay tuned for results!!! I’m planning to tell you all about it in my next post!!! 😀