SMS Checkers!!!

My SMS checkers game is done and now available!!! Try it out!!!

Just go here to download it free onto any MIDP 2 phone:

This version is a big improvement on the original. First of all, it’s a peer-to-peer game — relying entirely on exchanging SMS messages from one handset to the other — so any two people who both have the game installed can play it without worrying about whether a central server is up and running and accessible. The server wasn’t doing much more than routing the game moves from one handset to the other, so it was fairly easy to write it out of the picture.

Each move requires sending a whole SMS, yet the move data typically takes no more than five bytes. It seemed like such a shame to waste the rest of the SMS payload, so I added a “taunt” feature so that you can send your opponent a message along with your move if you like!!!

Another new feature is that the game can now recover from a pause — so you can receive a call and then return to the checkers game in progress.

Additionally I did a bunch of refactoring. The original game logic was great, but the meta-logic — the game state, whose turn it is, etc. — was too intimately tied to the communications/networking code. That makes for smaller code, but the game is already pretty small (16K). So I modularized it a bit, making separate classes for the game state logic and the communications code. Ah, with a personal project you get the luxury of taking the time to refactor the code when there’s a change in requirements! 😉

If you try this game, please feel free to post any comments about it, suggested improvements, etc. Thanks.


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  1. […] Now that I’ve got my SMS Checkers game up and running, I’d like to play it against a friend. But I don’t want to have to type my friend’s mobile number into that little phone number text field every time — really I don’t even know his number off the top of my head since I always just call people by selecting numbers from my address book. What to do? […]

  2. […] For the bluetooth version of the checkers game, I eliminated the “taunt” feature I’d added for SMS Checkers. With SMS checkers, you can play against your friend wherever he may be. When you start up the game and enter your friend’s phone number — thanks to the push registry — the invitation SMS will buzz his handset to invite him to play whether he’s on the other side of the world or in a meeting or whatever. So it’s useful to be able to send a text message along with every move. In the bluetooth version you essentially have to have already agreed together that you want to play, so the taunt feature is less useful. It would have been possible to hook up the bluetooth version to the push registry as well, but I figured it was already complicated enough as it is. […]

  3. Md. Abdur Rahman on

    are you able to help me out from a j2me quagmire?

  4. john on

    hey, would like to ask if you would mind to help me out of a thing am doing with the j2me push registry, i was doing some code to start app an app on the phone after receiving a msg.

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